Friday, 9 August 2013


Thursday + Friday 15th/16th August

The adult learning team  provide  English as a second (or other) language  (ESOL) classes in the community.      This intensive 2 day course offers literacy tutors an  opportunity  to expand their skills and work with ESOL  learners.   Over the two days you will    

·         be introduced to the ESOL teaching methodology

·         gain awareness of how it feels to be an ESOL learner

·         learn  how to plan and deliver a programme. 

·         gain awareness of   working with learners from pre-beginner to intermediate level

·         be better equipped to work on a 1:1 basis or assist in larger groups.  
 ‘An Introduction to Working with ESOL Learners’ is SCQF accredited at level 6.    Tutors who are interested in receiving accreditation for their work will be offered an opportunity to do so.

The course may  be repeated later in the year.  Contact the Learning Shop to register your interest and for more information

Susan Wilson 

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  1. In today world English is become a global language and we must learn it

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