Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Autumn/Winter 2016

The women and children have enjoyed a varied range of activities and opportunities over the last two terms.
There has been a turnaround in numbers with some of the older children now accessing local nursery provision in Troon, Prestwick and Ayr.  We have welcomed 5 new babies to the group who are settling into the Seagate crèche with their older siblings.
The children have enjoyed playing and learning in the crèche, while their mums get their heads down to focus on their English language skills.  This term we introduced literacy through topics such as time, weather, food and drink and looked at healthy eating using the eatwell plate. 
To encourage community integration we arranged trips to the local library for Bookbug sessions.
Parent and child together crafty sessions allow the mums to have fun and learn together with their children. 
In the run up to Christmas, we all had a messy time making colourful Christmas crackers and stockings which were hung on the wall of the church.  Fruit Santa hats and reindeer biscuits added to the festive theme.  Pastor of Seagate Church, Richard Woods accompanied us on the guitar and the families enjoyed singing along to some of the more popular children’s songs.  Jingle Bells, the firm favourite. 
We are delighted to announce our new joint partnership with the CEMVO (Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations) Scotland.  Looking forward to 2017, we will be working with Parveen Khan, the Health and Social Care Officer, to develop exciting new opportunities for this group.  

Susan Wilson

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